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A unique journey of how we came to be The Psychic Associates, and who we are today.

We are thrilled and delighted to introduce The Psychic Associates. We are Jay Lane, Amber Price, and Liz Throp. Together and individually, we have had decades of success in the metaphysical field through coaching, mentoring, and teaching. Many years ago, when we made the decision to reveal our spiritual side, we were excited to acquire the necessary tools to start our businesses. However, what we soon discovered was that we would encounter numerous obstacles in our pursuit of excellence and providing healing with integrity. To be frank, we came to realize that the wellness industry often leaves many incredible Light Workers struggling to succeed. Our own experiences have shown us that a lot of these individuals lack the resources to turn their dreams of helping others into reality due to conventional or other commitments, which makes the transition incredibly challenging. As a result, many give up or never even get started because finding a path to success seems overwhelming. The creation of The Psychic Associates stemmed from our heartfelt collaboration with the shared objective of assisting you, as a Light Worker, in starting your business, achieving your goals, and understanding your needs, regardless of your current level.

Jay Lane

Founding Member

Jay Lane is one of Canada’s most sought-after psychic mediums, coaches, inspirational speakers, and educators for celebrity A-List clientele as well as individuals and companies from all over the world. She was recently awarded the “Medium" 2020 Spiritual Excellence Halo Award, recognizing her outstanding work as a medium within the spiritual community. Jay is best known for her live shows, particularly during her remarkable tour alongside renowned James Van Praagh from California. Jay is also well known for being business savvy in her field and produces her own Canadian events. She has appeared as a host and guest on numerous TV shows including CNN Headline News and is a frequent guest on SiriusXM radio. After the successful release of her debut book in 2019, "Dying to Know: My Answers on Death and The Afterlife", Jay continues to explore these intriguing topics through her writing and vlogging.  With the success of her previous book "Dying to Know: My Answers on Death & The Afterlife", she is presently working on her new book entitled "The Power of Soul Numbers". Jay also has an exciting new podcast in the works called "Laneway to Spirit", which will soon be available for listeners.
Jay Lane Founding Member of The Psychic Associates

Amber Price

Founding Member

The Clarity Expert, Amber Price, is one of Canada’s top Psychic Mediums and Spiritual Educators, Soul Coach, Co-Host of Giant TV’s The Insighters, Co-Host of Canadian Mediumship Summit, Author of the ‘Spiritual Journey Workbook’ and ‘Finding Clarity: Authentic Living’, Founder of Clarity Academy, and Host of The Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards. Amber has been honoured and recognized with awards for her continued impact in the coaching and mediumship industries. Amber is highly sought-after by an international clientele and is located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Amber is inspired to help people gain clarity on life’s most important experiences, to discover their passion and purpose and connect to their consciousness, to authentically live their best life! Amber provides insight using her intuitive abilities, to help people find the confidence needed to mindfully live an authentic life with purpose and clarity.
Amber Price Founding Member of The Psychic Associates

Liz Throp

Founding Member

Liz has been featured on the Canadian television production “The Paranormal Show” numerous times as an expert and has also been showcased regularly on the local radio morning show on Country 89FM and is currently showcased every Wednesday for “Wisdom Wednesdays with Liz” on 91.7 Giant FM with Katie and Brian. Liz’s show “The Gifted Onez” can be found on YouTube through Giant TV Niagara. The show is dedicated to showcasing people in the metaphysical world who discuss all things from A to Z. Liz Throp and Amber Price co-host Giant TV’s “The Insighters”. She also produces the weekly Horoscope for Giant FM and Country 89 FM websites. Liz is a Certified Life Coach and founded the organization “Psychic Kids United Inc”. Psychic Kids United Inc. is a major part of Liz’s soul’s plan. In addition, she is the founder of “The Awakening Ones” An education platform for those looking to “strengthen their psychic muscles” via membership with weekly lesson plans and live coaching calls. And she is the co-founder of “The Crystal of the Month Club”, a monthly subscription to crystals mailed to your home. Liz is the recipient of numerous awards, namely The Top 10 Reader’s Choice Psychic Awards and The Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards, The Psychic of the Year 2019 and 2022 to mention a few. She was honoured to receive a nomination and a “Certificate of Recognition” for “The Niagara Impact Awards” in 2021 from the Regional Municipality of Niagara and Niagara Regional Chair, Jim Bradley for improving the quality of life for her fellow residents in her community of the Niagara Region. She has just co-authored and released her first book, "Inner Peace - How to Find, Nurture and Protect It".
Liz Throp Founding Member of The Psychic Associates


Our dedication to the industry is evident in every accolade we receive.

Spiritual Excellence Halo Award Winner 2021
Spiritual Excellence Halo Award Sponsor
Spiritual Excellence Halo Award Winner 2022

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