Who are The Psychic Associates?

Founding Members

We are a team of three expert mentors here to help you discover your unique abilities and gifts, and to assist you on your personal spiritual journey, through our exceptional Psychic Development and Business Development courses.

Our courses are designed to help you discover and unlock your potential. We have created courses that are tailored to your needs and combine our collective experiences to help you on your journey of self discovery. Our courses are one-of-a-kind and will give you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed!


“I truly cannot say enough kind things about Liz, Jay, and Amber at The Psychic Associates. In January I enrolled for the Business Development Course and my business has developed so much since then! With the help of their online courses, quizzes, and video calls I have been able to grow my business and discover my full potential! Not only has my business grown from what I learned in this course, but I have experienced exponential personal growth as well. If you’re looking for personal or professional development, The Psychic Associates has something for you!”

Sydney Morrison, Empowerment Coach

“Amber is one of the most inspiring spiritual educators I know. She is always looking for ways to support others. This is seen in her creation of and work with her Clarity Academy, the Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards, and now the Psychic Associates. She possesses a wealth of knowledge regarding spiritual gifts that she shares with others. She has spoken at numerous Spiritual Niagara events both as a medium and as an educator. She was awarded Women of Wisdom in 2019 where she outlined what it means to be a medium, the skills and gifts involved and how messages can be received. Amber’s gentle way and bubbly uplifting humour makes everyone feel at ease. I recommend that if you are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable spiritual leader to work with individually or on a team Amber is the perfect fit. Thank you Amber for continuing to offer your guidance and support to others. ”

Kathy Upper, Chief Visionary Officer Spiritual Niagara

“I have experienced Jay Lane as not only a powerful healer who is gifted to bring closure and awareness to the loved ones of those that have left this physical realm, but also as a brilliant businesswoman. Jay is very creative, good at marketing her brand, and knows how to utilize technology and media platforms to connect with her audience. Over the years, I have watched Jay grow her business from a local consultancy to a global healing ministry. Jay continues to be a blessing in my life and the lives of so many.”

Tammy McCrary Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer, Artistology

“I have worked with Liz for over 5 years as our resident psychic on one of my radio stations and since that time she has continued to amaze and support our listeners whether it is through her readings or discussions about all things “Paranormal.” In addition to that she has helped launch our Giant TV productions with her show “The Gifted Onez” and more recently her second show “The Insighters with Liz and Amber.” We have also hired her to write “Weekly Horoscopes” that are posted on our sister stations websites. Personally, I have experienced Liz’s abilities first-hand and I can honestly say she is the real deal with an incredible head for business. I am grateful to have made a both professional and personal connection with her.”

Michael J. Haberer