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Why Psychics Struggle in Business

Combining a spiritual life into the entrepreneurship world may be challenging to psychics and to those who are energetically sensitive. When entering the world of business, you may find yourself surprised with the frequency of ethical dilemmas you may face, as you navigate what you feel is right and what is actually being experienced.

Coping with Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever suffered from Imposter Syndrome as a psychic, medium, or empath? I’m here to share that you’re not alone and how to cope with it! I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have grappled with the question “Are you a psychic?” at the beginning of my journey into working as a psychic medium. Don’t even get me started on the medium title!

The Dark Side of Social Media

There’s black and white, right and wrong, yes and no, but when it comes to social media, not only is there a “light” side to it, there’s also a “dark” side as well! What it all boils down to is belief systems of some of those who creep or bully lightworkers using various social media platforms to do it! Although people do not have any inclination of who these lightworkers are or what they do any given day, they are of the opinion that what lightworkers do for a living is considered a gift and shame those who don’t offer their services for free.

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